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To our prospective students

We recognize that you have some important decisions to make in the coming months regarding your graduate career. In response to the latest government advice regarding travel, the US Embassy closures, and the unprecedented shutdown of testing centers, UConn is exploring all options to best support our prospective students and ease some roadblocks throughout the application process.

Please know that we are here in support of your candidacy for our program. We will continue to admit bright and qualified applicants who will help shape UConn’s vibrant community. We will continue to work with you to answer any questions you may have.

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There Are Four Pathways to Success for our MS in FRM Students:

  • Option A: Take 3 online courses in Fall 2020 and join the MSFRM Program in person in Spring 2021. This online, virtual-learning option was created for students who cannot study in-person and on-campus for Fall 2020, but do not want to wait to begin their studies.
  • Option B: Defer your enrollment to Spring 2021. If you are unsure about your ability to join us on campus this fall, and do not want to pursue a semester online, we are considering an option to begin studies in person next spring.
  • Option C: Take 3 in-person courses for Fall 2020. Following our standard measure of delivery for the MS in FRM program, we plan to offer in-person, on-campus classes during Fall 2020 for all students who are able to join us.
  • Option D: Defer admissions to Fall 2021. Begin the MSFRM Program in person in Fall 2021.

Updates in light of COVID-19

Changes to the Admissions Process:

  • If you've been affected by GMAT/GRE testing availability please reach out to the program for a waiver.
  • UConn now accepts Duolingo for English proficiency test
  • The TOEFL is now available online, visit the ETS site or reach out to
  • The Graduate School will accept transcripts and degrees from China that are verified by either CHESICC(China Higher Education Students Information and Career Center), or CDGDC (China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center).
  • The Graduate School will accept transcripts and degrees from India that are verified by TrueCopy.

Additional Resources:

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  • Graduate School FAQs
  • Quiet Lion | Home - 手机 vpn:2021-6-5 · 手机 vpn 蚂蚁加速器安卓教程 泡泡加速器卸载后不能上网 农村连不上vp 免登录看twitter 免费越墙 WWW.6744.COM 酸碱度ph值 更换日本 ip 安卓lan灯专业版最新破解 快代理 大门对墙角的破解方法 移动境外上网 ...

    The 4+1 Master of Science in Financial Risk Management (MSFRM) is designed for current UConn undergraduate students who want to fast-track their career by earning both their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in just 5 years. Jump start your career with a specialized Master’s degree that focuses on teaching students real-world practical applications. Students are supported by two Corporate Outreach and Career Advising Specialists that focus solely on risk management students. Domestic students see 100% placement within 3 months and all MSFRM students see 83% placement within 3 months, with a 海神加速器testflight.


    A real-world approach to Risk Management Theory

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    • 2019 School of Business Hall of Fame Student Fellows
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